"Bringing our ABA services to your home and / or school over interactive live video consulting wherever you live!

Virtual Consulting

Our behaviour consultant experts have developed Virtual Consulting for Training and Therapy (V-CTT) Programme in order to provide Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services for children and individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, over interactive live video conferencing – wherever they live!  For the detailed ABA services that we provide under this programme, please use the "Services" tabs.

Through our well-structured and effective V-CTT Programme, we not only provide treatment, education and life skills programmes tailored to each child’s specific needs but also on-going support and training for families, therapists, carers, other professionals and schools in order to enable them to apply the programmes and help children to tackle their challenging behaviours and improve their language, academic and social skills.

How Does Virtual Consulting Work?

We will provide you:

  • A V-CTT Programme tailored to your needs with on-going support and training, and/or
  • An ad hoc short consultation for any question you may have
by using video conferencing tools such as Skype and mobile apps. All you need is a computer with a camera and a Skype account (free).

Although it varies depending on your requirements, the normal procedure is simple and includes the following:

1 - Initial Consultation
  • Free initial consultation over Skype video call
2 - Case Review
  • Evaluation of past data and reports on the child
  • A behavioural assessment interview questionnaire will be sent on-line for you to complete and return
  • Observation of the child’s behaviour in different settings over the video
  • Review of historic and new data and reports
3- Assessment
  • Conducting a Functional Behaviour Assessment of your child
4 - Programme Development
  • Development of ABA programmes tailored to your child’s specific needs
5 - On-going ABA Therapy
  • Weekly continuous ABA therapy sessions:  On-going training and support for you or your therapists
  • Monthly video workshops:  On-going consultation and observation at regular video workshops. Our consultant will supervise therapists over the video
6 - Monitoring the Progress
  • Monitoring of the resulting data by our consultant to make necessary changes to ensure your child continues to progress.

Benefits of Virtual Consulting

Our V-CTT Programme:

  • Enables us to provide you with effective ABA services and on-going consultation, support and training for the successful implementation of the ABA programme, wherever you live in the world.
  • Provides you access to an experienced Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and other consultants, who specialise in the assessment of children with autism and related disorders, and development and delivery of science-based ABA programmes to teach your child language, academic and social skills
  • Reduces the costs of running ABA programme for families
  • No travel. Convenient, at the comfort of your home!
  • Gets team members (parents, carers, consultants, therapists, school teachers and other professionals) together easily
  • Allows us shorter and ad hoc consultations as well as regular consultations.       
Distance behavioural consultation

   Consultation via Skype 

Distance ABA services over interactive live video conferencing through Skype

Training via Skype Video   

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