"The Learn to Learn Clinic’s consultant has provided the school with support to understand the ABA programme in relation to the needs of a student with autism she works with”  -  A SENCo


Below are some testimonials for ABA services we have provided:

“Through our consultant’s incredible patience, genuine concern and undoubted expertise in her field, our son has made great progress in virtually all ways over the last 18 months. She has turned a reluctant and often angry little boy into a very keen student who really does now want to learn;... I would totally recommend her and her services to any family facing similar difficulties” - Y.D., A parent, Middlesex.

“Learn 2 Learn Clinic’s experienced ABA consultants provide professional advice and practical applications for all aspects of ABA home and school based programmes. Our Consultant is knowledgeable in her field, extremely hard working, patient, reliable, diligent and excels as an ABA professional. She quickly established a great relationship with my son, Jack, 5 and is excellent at engaging him. 

We continue to see great improvements in Jack as a direct result of his time with our consultant and ABA tutors and I have no hesitation in recommending them"   - S.K., Walton-on-Thames.

ABA Parents Testimonial

"Our son has improved tremendously since we started the ABA programme, academically he is doing really well and his interest to learn is getting broaden, thanks to the ABA programme"  - O.M. and A.K., Parents, Croydon.

"With the Learn 2 Learn Clinic's Parents Training as ABA Therapist Programme, I have worked as an ABA therapist throughout my son's ABA programme. This helped our family budget and I can now help my child continuously" O.M., A mother, Croydon.

"Learn 2 Learn Clinic’s programmes and the therapists’ extensive knowledge and experience enabled them to not only help my son Oscar (5) make progress, but also to educate myself about what I could do to support my son. After starting effective ABA therapy, everyone in the nursery has realised the progress Oscar made within a very short of time. Fantastic! It has given us confidence; our son has a much brighter future.”  - P.M., A mother, Surrey.

“The Learn to Learn Clinic’s consultant has provided the school with support to understand the ABA programme in relation to the needs of a student with autism she works with. She monitors the effectiveness of the ABA programme within the mainstream setting and assess whether ABA goals have been met. She also works to school based targets and records observations according to school policy” - A School SENCo, Kent.

“To work successfully as an ABA tutor, you need a good understanding of ABA theory, plenty of patience, good note-taking skills and -  most of all - the ability to build a rapport with a child. Learn to Learn Clinic’s tutor has all these qualities. She was also able to use her initiative intelligently and use ABA techniques to adapt the teaching when particular programmes were not working with our daughter. For example, she developed new ways of helping to teach our daughter reading and writing skills.” – A. S., A father, London

"Our supervisor took multi-task responsibilities: She supervised our son (6) at the school setting and trained our tutors when she introduced a new programme. My son's matching and imitation skills, his interaction with adults and his eye contact have improved massively within a short time" - M.R., A Mother, Kent 

“Our workshop consultant and therapists are professional, caring and supportive. The ABA Learn 2 Learn Clinic offers a precise teaching methodology tailored to my cousin Murat’s needs. Since we started the programme I have been trained as an ABA therapist step by step as the programme progresses to join my cousin’s team. I am now very proud that I have contributed to my cousin’s improvements in academic and social skills. He was first referred to a special needs school. After the high quality of service provided by the Learn 2 Learn Clinic, he was accepted to a mainstream school. It was a joy in the family! He is now performing successfully in his school.”-  M.L., An uncle, Istanbul

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