"After starting effective ABA therapy, everyone in the nursery has realized the progress my son made within a very short of time. Fantastic! It has given us confidence; our son has a much brighter future.” -  A Mother

How to Start ABA

At Learn 2 Learn Clinic, we are dedicated and fully committed to providing you with an ABA programme that really works. Before making any decision we will discuss with you: 

        • What lies ahead
        • Our goal; what is achievable
        • The time frame 
        • The teaching material required
        • The budget
        • Your ABA team (ABA consultant and ABA tutors

For further information about ABA programmes or other services, please give us a call or drop us an email to arrange an informal conversation.

If you would like to see one of our ABA home based programmes, either come and observe how the ABA team is working or speak to the family over the phone with regards any queries that you may have.

One of our consultants will visit you and your child at your home and explain the programmes and requirements in more detail.

Typically a home and /or school based ABA programme involves the following steps:

Initial Inquiry - Contact us for an informal conversation about your child and your concerns. We will offer you further information about ABA and our work by addressing your particular needs. (There is no charge for this service)

Our Visit - We will obtain some information about your child's needs through conversations, a questionnaire and our visit to your home and / or school as well as spending some time with your child, during which time we will carry out an observational assessment. Following our visit, we will provide you with an assessment report incorporating our observations and recommendations with regards the level of the programme. We will design ABA programmes tailored to your child's specific needs and we will also advise you with regards the optimal size of your ABA team.

Initial Workshop - It is usually one or two days, during which time we will introduce ABA programmes, set our initial goals and train the ABA tutors. At the end of the initial workshop you will be all ready to start your ABA programme.

Follow Up Workshops (Our Next Visits) - Typically they are arranged once every month and take 3 hours to half day. However the frequency of the workshops will be dependent upon the progress of your child and, therefore, the need to introduce new ABA programme along with the need for further training for your ABA tutors.

Ongoing Support Between Workshops - If you or any member of the team or your school teacher or any other relevant professional need further information, we will provide ongoing support over the phone or on-line. We are always accessible and well known for our quick responsiveness. (There is no charge for this service)

We travel abroad as well as throughout the UK to bring our services to your home and / or school. However, if you are living far away or just would like to take cost advantage of our Virtual Consulting Service over live interactive video sessions, please give us a call or contact us via Skype. 

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