"Their consultant supports a pupil with autism access the curriculum and has used ABA methods to teach effectively"-A Teacher


Family Support

We provide families with ABA therapy to teach academic, language, self-help, social, communication, employment and life skills to children and young people with autism and related disorders. However our services and commitment to you is not limited to this. In addition to ABA therapy services, we also offer advice, information and support regarding other aspects of your child’s education and social life, and most of these family support services are free of charge!

Working together with you, for the most effective solutions, our vision is based on two main principles:

  1. For us, the interests of the child come above commercial interests
  2. We support you so that we can reveal the full potential of your child together

At Learn 2 Learn Clinic we take an integrated approach and provide you with additional support services which enable us to help you in the following ways:

Liaison with Relevant Professionals / Organisations on Your Behalf

  • School SENCo -  We can discuss any issues with the school SENCo or write a report or give guidance about your child’s  school education / integration. We can also visit your child at school.
  • Nursery Manager - We make sure your child has access to the best care and educational elements that best suit their individual special needs
  • Local Authority - We can support you through the Special Needs Tribunal process for funding and other matters
  • Family Advocates - Family advocates are there to support your child’s needs in school and represent you at the Tribunal for funding ABA programme. We can liaise and produce the required assessment and progress reports
  • Charities - We can liaise on your behalf for free teaching materials and toys and for a possibility of limited funding
  • Parent Group / Network- We can refer you to other parents in order to share information and ideas.
  • Nanny / Carer - We can train your nanny so that they can give better care in line with the ABA therapy programme
  • Dietician - We can liaise with a dietician and advise on the requirements for children with autism and related disorders
  • GP , Specialist and Hospital Visit                                                                                                                                  
  • Visits to a Dentist, Opticians, Hair Dresser, etc

Reducing the implications of Your Child’s Autism on Your Life Style

At Learn 2 Learn Clinic we integrate “additional programmes” into Our Services, which are tailored to your child’s needs, in order to reduce the implication of your child’s autism or other challenging behaviours on your life style. As a case example, recently our consultant worked on “sleep disorder” of a child in addition to the ABA home therapy services we provide. He is now going to bed early and sleeping nicely. As a result, the family has re-gained their evening times – relaxed and happy!

Special Needs Tribunal

If there is a solution we will help you access it. We will give you impartial advice about issues at home and out in the community. Please contact us to find out more about our family support services.  

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