"I am now one of the ABA tutors for my son's ABA therapy sessions after trained by our consultant - cost effective and brilliant" - A mother

ABA Training

We provide professionals and families with effective and affordable ABA training. Our training programmes are divided into three groups:

1. Seminars

We hold seminars about the principles and application of ABA in the treatment of children with autism and related disorders.  The programme is ideal for parents and other professionals who wish to understand how ABA theory and principles work in practice.   

ABA seminars for parents

2. One to One Training for Practitioners: ABA Tutor Training

At the end of an ABA training course based on seminars or groups, you will have gained a general knowledge about the subject. However, in order to put what you have learned into practice, we provide further unique courses offering an integrated approach to ABA training. This will include:

  • Affordable  1 to 1 training
  • From beginners to advanced level 
  • Comprehensive cover of all ABA modules affording you the opportunity and flexibility to select the most appropriate modules to meet your personal development plan
  • The explanation and association of theory and practice for each module culminating with 1 to 1 practice
  • The opportunity to practice what you have learned in a real 1 to 1 interaction with children with autism whilst being supported and shadowed by one of our consultants.
At the end of training you will be confident and competent enough to implement a programme whilst being supervised by one of our consultants. This can be undertaken in the comfort of your own home or at our premises.

3. Behavioural Parent Education: ABA Training for Parents

The goal of our parent education programme is simple: To train parents as ABA therapists and empower families to contribute to their children’s development.

We provide 1 to 1 ABA training to parents and carers of children with autism and related disorders. This will enable them to help and support their child to reach his or her fullest potential. 

The ABA Learn 2 Learn Clinic empowers parents by providing information on the most effective, research-based approaches specifically for their child’s behaviour, rather than providing excessive complex information. 

Please give us a call for more information on the next step towards developing a challenging and rewarding skill, whether you are:

  • A new tutor or an absolute beginner heading for a new career or 
  • An  experienced tutor, supervisor or other professional looking to develop your knowledge further or 
  • A school / nursery professional, who would like to understand how to integrate an ABA programme into a school setting or 
  • Parents who wish to understand the ABA concept or who cannot afford tutors or who may simply wish to teach their children themselves.
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