“Learn 2 Learn’s consultant has turned a reluctant and often angry little boy into a very keen student who really does now want to learn.” - A Parent

ABA Services

The Learn 2 Learn Clinic is an ABA service provider for children and young adults with challenging behaviours, language and learning delays, autism and related disorders to teach academic, language, self-help, social, communication, employment and life skills. We provide one or a combination of the following services depending on individual needs. 

Home Services: ABA at Home

We provide a workshop based ABA programme led by our consultants. This includes: 

     Monthly Meetings and Workshops

  • Monthly meetings with parents and tutors in a three hour workshop session
  • Program developed and implemented for individual needs
  • Behavioural observation and assessment using the VB-Mapp
  • Data analysis, monitoring of progress and the resulting necessary refinements in the individuals programmes
  • Consultation on targets
     Weekly On-going Programmes
  • 1 to 1 Behaviour Therapy: Provided by tutors and/or lead tutor coordinated by our consultant
  • Behaviour therapists (tutors) recommended and approved for each child’s needs and level by the ABA Learn 2 Learn Clinic
The above is a typical application. We are flexible on some services such as the frequency of workshops depending on individual needs.

ABA home services

School / Nursery Services: ABA School Shadow

Programs, which are specific for school or nursery settings, developed by our consultant, and implemented by:

  • Using 1 to 1 intervention behavioural techniques
  • A constant supervision 
  • Collaboration between school teachers and other relevant professionals
ABA school services

Additional Services

For a specific behaviour change, we provide behavioural consultation services for children and young people, who have problems or difficulties in the areas of:

  • Social skills
  • Toilet training
  • Sleep disorder
  • Eating and drinking

We also work with the family and collaborate with dieticians and other professionals in the best interests of the child concerned. 

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